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My AWS Certification!

Hi guys, I'm really sorry for not posting anything in the last few months, but work has been overwhelming! However, good news! Today I got my AWS Solution Architect Certification!!!! I'm really happy about this, I studied really hard for... Continue Reading →


Software Development Tech Stack

Hi guys, This is the presentation I presented on August 22nd at my University. This presentation is an overview of technologies commonly used in Software Development, but sometimes students are unaware of them until they face their first job. Regards,... Continue Reading →

GrayScale Conversion Web App using JsFeat/NodeJs

Hi guys, As I said in the previous post, there is a big opportunity working with Web Apps and Computer Vision. I took a dive into the Internet looking for some tutorials/libraries I could use and I found JsFeat. JsFeat is an... Continue Reading →

Computer Vision On the Web?

Hi guys, While looking for some idea to develop a new project, I found out this article: Computer Vision + Web. It states something that is happening right now and is a reality for Software Development companies: everything is moving to the... Continue Reading →

Web App + Machine Learning!!!

Hi guys! After been working some days learning about the MEAN stack and how to deploy easily into a cloud platform, I bring to you my first Machine Learning Web App!!!! Linear Regression App A linear regression model represent... Continue Reading →

What’s coming up next?

Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of research and a little bit busy in my new job. However, I've started to work on a new project that involves Web Development + Computer Vision. It will be awesome!

Computer Vision + Java? Why not?

Hi guys, this is my first post since I moved two weeks ago to Tijuana. This tutorial is based on a similar application that can be found in this magnificent book: OpenCV 3.0 Computer Vision with Java by Daniel Lélis Baggio. Java... Continue Reading →

Getting started with R

Hi guys! I've been afar for a while but I've returned with new ideas for this blog. This will be the my first entry for 2017 and it will be about R. R is a language used for statistical analysis... Continue Reading →

Installing Octave

Hi guys, this is a short tutorial where I'm gonna explain how to install Octave. I have never used Octave before. During my bachelor degree, the software I used the most was MATlab. However, Octave is a similar software but... Continue Reading →

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