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October 2016

Configure EmguCV (OpenCV) with Visual Studio 3/3

Hi guys, this is the final post in our configuration of Visual Studio with EmguCV. Of course, you should have looked at the first and second part of this tutorial but if you haven't, you can find them here and here.... Continue Reading →


Configure EmguCV (OpenCV) with Visual Studio 2/3

Hi guys, we are going to continue with the configuration of EmguCV. So far, we have downloaded EmguCV and Visual Studio. If you haven't looked at the first part of this tutorial, you can find it here. Step 4: Configure... Continue Reading →

Configure OpenCV (EmguCV) with Visual C# 1/3

My first tutorial will help you to configure EmguCV/OpenCV with Visual Studio C# so you can develop your first Computer Vision application! This application will capture the video from your webcam and display it, with a button that will start or stop this process. It... Continue Reading →

First Entry! Hi guys!

Finally I have the oportunity to create this blog. I have been planning to create this Blog for a long, long time, but I didn't have the opportunity to do so. The idea of this Blog is to describe several projects... Continue Reading →

How Can I Start In Computer Vision?

There are a lot of ways to start working with Computer Vision. The approach you should take depends on the programming language you are more comfortable with and it also depends on what will be the final application. MATLAB MATLAB is... Continue Reading →

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