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November 2016

Starting with Machine Learning? Here are some great books!

Hi guys, A week ago I found this book on the Internet and it is awesome! Is an introduction to Machine Learning, but all topics are well explained and I find this book suitable for students that want to have... Continue Reading →


I want to work on Machine Learning and Computer Vision, what should I do?

Hi guys! Probably many of us have encountered this question at some point of our careers. A week ago, I found an interesting post in LinkedIn, that says some strategies you can use to move from Software Development to Machine Learning.... Continue Reading →

Color Segmentation using the HSV color model

Hi guys, this is a new entry of my blog and the first one in which I will upload the project to Github, where you can download it. As you remember, first you need to configure your Visual Studio Environment. You can... Continue Reading →

How to apply a Color Conversion in OpenCV?

Hi guys, I've been away some weeks but now I'm back. In this entry, we are going to apply a Color Conversion (from RGB to Grayscale). Before you start working on this Tutorial, you should have looked at this entry in order to... Continue Reading →

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