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April 2017

GrayScale Conversion Web App using JsFeat/NodeJs

Hi guys, As I said in the previous post, there is a big opportunity working with Web Apps and Computer Vision. I took a dive into the Internet looking for some tutorials/libraries I could use and I found JsFeat. JsFeat is an... Continue Reading →


Computer Vision On the Web?

Hi guys, While looking for some idea to develop a new project, I found out this article: Computer Vision + Web. It states something that is happening right now and is a reality for Software Development companies: everything is moving to the... Continue Reading →

Web App + Machine Learning!!!

Hi guys! After been working some days learning about the MEAN stack and how to deploy easily into a cloud platform, I bring to you my first Machine Learning Web App!!!! Linear Regression App A linear regression model represent... Continue Reading →

What’s coming up next?

Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of research and a little bit busy in my new job. However, I've started to work on a new project that involves Web Development + Computer Vision. It will be awesome!

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